Google Ads Search Campaign Setup & Management Package


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Full Google Ads(Adwords) search campaign setup which includes:

  • Services keyword research(Google search terms)
  • Google Ads creative: Ad image/ basic video/existing product/services ads
  • Ad copy: Offer creation(offer variations)
  • Audience targeting and ad schedule setup
  • Google Ads pixel setup to track who is interacting with your ads
  • Daily Google Ads campaign optimisation through monitoring ads, search terms, determining which ads are performing well and removing under performing ads which includes weekly(15min) call.
  • The cost of the Google Ads: What Google charges per click is charged separately, this CPC(cost per click) depends on what services we are targeting and where(more expensive to target services in cities). We will know what the CPC for your services will be when we have the campaign setup.


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