The Importance Of Using Graphic Design Services To Brand Your Business

Professional graphic design services

It all starts with an idea, a dream someone has for creating their own business. Whether it’s a brand new idea or an expansion of a company, just coming up with the idea is not enough. You have to find a way to let potential clients know and hear about your businessIn a way, it’s a popularity contest with potential customers. What makes your company/product/service different? Unique products/services demand unique ads and that company’s branding message must run on a variety of marketing media resources. The ultimate goal is helping potential customers understand the company’s product/service by using messages so that they might eventually be turned into sales for your client. Establishing a recognizable and proven brand not only helps a small or new company begin to succeed. It also creates repeat customers, which are the lifeblood of any business. Some businesses get lucky, while the majority need help to succeed. This is why it’s so important for a smaller company to consider hiring a top design firm with professional graphic design services.

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Professional Graphic Designers To Brand Your Message

Planning A Branding Campaign

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Exactly Why Do You Need To Use Graphic Design?

Simply put, if you have a business, you will need sales to survive and thrive. It isn’t just throwing a few pictures and descriptions together. Graphic design is an intricate “battle plan”, strategic in imaging, scripts, marketing and precise timing. You took the first big step when you formed your business. Graphic design is a way to set up and implement a complete corporate identity and cohesive branding campaign for your company. A designer’s job entails helping a company define its goals and to help them sell their service or product.
A designer can also develop brand guidelines, both to ensure consistency and to allow for any future application of the logo and associated colour palettes. It’s also important to set up what style of approach is needed for your business. Do you want to give your company an authoritative voice or would a more “homely” approach appeal to more potential clients in your target market? 

Top Graphic Design Agencies

Whether you’re a new business looking to establish itself or one that is trying to expand, you need to work with one of the top graphic design agencies with a great team to help achieve your company goals. A graphic design service consists of many team members. It starts with a graphic designer and may also include a web designer, programmer, along with other marketing specialists. The best services won’t start without having a strategic plan and system already in place. Doing this won’t just get the work done faster. It will also keep things clearly understood, organized and on schedule, while maintaining a positive designer/client relationship. If you’re not a graphic designer yourself, at this point you should consider hiring a proven team from a list of graphic design companies.

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Graphic Design Companies In Waterford

Client Meeting Graphic Design Team

Design Firm Client Meeting

Good Client Relationships

Top design agencies know that their team’s job is to help a client define both their targeted market and their overall company message so they can sell their product or service in the most effective way possible. Whichever part of the graphic design company’s team someone is part of, whether as a graphic or web designer, direct marketer or programmer, having an established design process helps get the work done faster and more efficiently. By setting up and following an organized branding system, it helps to alleviate a lot of guesswork while keeping the designer/client relationship on a positive, successful note.
One of the most important steps in the design process is accumulating the information the team will need to help their customers succeed in establishing and growing their business. This is usually achieved by setting up a face-to-face meeting, a customized questionnaire or even a Skype meeting, if you want to establish a close, personalized relationship with the client. 

Creative Process

Although it may seem like more work than necessary, setting up a client design briefing with a design firm’s team has a couple of key benefits, no matter how big or small the project initially seems. It ensures both parties know exactly what they want/expect from the process and it will serve as an important point of reference, a basic “To Do” list for the entire project. The more information the client provides to the design team in the beginning, the better the result.
Once both sides have met and have a firm understanding of the tasks at hand, and after the design team has reviewed the materials given to them, it’s time to start. The design team will begin the background process of researching competitors, market/marketing trends, product/service differences, along with the history and future of all related businesses, as well.

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Graphic Design Process Map

Stand Out A Unique Feature

Enhance The "Why You?" Through Design

Unique Selling Points(USPs)

This next step may vary depending on the scale of the project, but it’s best to develop an overall strategy before starting. Once you analyse the research the design team has gathered, it’s time to work on developing that strategy and decide on the design and functionality criteria for the project.
Decide who/what is your target market and go directly after that audience. What value does your product or service bring to their particular needs? Is there something more that your company provides that others don’t? Start small, then “think big”. Find or create your own niche for your business, then find a way to differentiate and show why your company or product is uniquely better for customers. What makes YOU and your company stand out and apart from the competition? 

Corporate Identity & Branding

When you’ve identified this unique factor, reinforce it and make it an integral part of your brand building program. Never forget that brand building needs to be consistent; if it isn’t, you will confuse or lose your customers. It must become an integral part of your entire company, whether or not your customers see it, and it is an evolving process that will never stop. You also need to make sure you don’t oversell your product or service. One of the worst things you can do is to cram everything you can think of into your brochures, flyers, webpages, even your business cards. This is really distracting, possibly even confusing and yet another major reason for you to hire a professional to streamline everything into a concise, precise targeted and informational advertising and sales package.

Apple's Simple Logo

Apple: A Simple logo

Creating a company logo


Designing A Company Logo

Company logo design

When someone decides to start or expand their own business, there are a number of strategic key steps that must be followed to successfully promote and grow that business. Once the company defines what its goals are, one of the first steps necessary is to come up with a Company Logo Design.
Your logo design needs to reflect many things about your business and to do it as creative and eye-catching ways as possible. Color, graphic imaging, typeset/font, print size must all be used to not only attract a potential customer; it must also “captivate” their attention for as long as possible to “educate”, then convert them into sales for the company.
What is your business? Is it a local or international service or product? What “picture” would best convey what this company is all about? Do you have just one product/service or many to offer to your potential customers? If it’s just one item, you can come up with a single, simple logo design, but if you have many products, you might need to come up with both a main company logo, as well as a possible subset of related logos. 

website logo design

When you create a logo, along with an exceptional tagline to use, you’ll find these to be the greatest assets in your brand-building. This is where it pays to hire a professional graphic design firm. Customers don’t always go with a company that offers the same old thing as its competitors. What stands out from the “crowd” with what your company can provide? Is it an innovative product, free shipping, perhaps it’s your company’s incredible customer service.
Once you have defined your business, it’s very important to create a recognizable presence for your company to as wide an “audience” as possible. In today’s market, besides the usual print ad copy, it means also creating some sort of an online access for potential customers. This would involve
setting up a company website which coincides with the theme of your website logo design, this should encompass as much information as possible about your company and the products and services you have to offer. When you set up this business website, your web design team needs to create an innovative website logo design as part of the branding process. They must always remember to incorporate your company’s “voice” everywhere it is being marketed. Never forget that consistency is key. This helps you build your brand while also reinforcing your company’s overall message. Is this website going to be used as a singular corporate representation or one that will be used to help promote an offshoot of your company’s brand? If done properly, it can become your most effective online advertising, sales and customer service tool. When you design your website, you must consistently and effectively incorporate your logo and branding message on every webpage and reinforce it into every marketing aspect you and your company use.

Website logo design process

Website And Logo design Process

Designer designing a website

Designing a Website

Website Design

You also need to have a fully functioning website. When you set this up, your web design team needs to create an innovative website logo design as part of the company’s branding process. Besides the company contact and product information, perhaps the team can also find a way for the website to use videos to help develop new sales. Using videos helps establish a “face” for your company and a “voice” for your business, everywhere it’s being marketed. Video also gives you the ability to quickly update/change your marketing points, which is extremely important when you’re trying to create a niche for yourself.

Businesses today need fully featured, quick loading and easily maintained websites that will work on a number of electronic devices, like an iPhone, all at an affordable cost. Often small and medium sized businesses simply don't have a big enough budget to continuously update their website. All too common complaints are that updating and maintaining a website is too expensive and often confusing to do. If a website isn’t set up and run properly, it makes it difficult for visitors to use and confusing for a small company to maintain and update. A top web design firm can help circumvent these issues by including the help of a key member of their web design services

Integrated Web Design

A web developer can create a customized website that includes mobile design and a company icon and incorporating mobile app design, as well as including CMS and eCommerce designs to enable the business to accept any online payments. They can also help create an inclusive blog design that coordinates well with a separate blogger design, which can interface with facebook and twitter. The web designer can also provide training for the client, so their staff can do their own updates and maintenance. With training on maintaining your website included, not only will you be able to update your new website and monitor any social media yourself, you’ll also save on the cost of future updates and site maintenance without having to hire an outside IT professional. When a website is properly set up, it enables a business to track and measure its own site’s performance. The design team can take that information and implement specific requests and customized responses for your business. You also need to monitor visitors to see how to improve and extend those visitors’ viewing time, while getting as much contact info from them for follow up and customer service. The team can easily set this up with trackable results.

Simple Website

Easy to use Websites

Customer paying online

Webdesign generating revenue

Trackable Results And Higher ROI

These results can eventually be used to help generate more revenue but even then, there are still a lot of websites that don’t produce the necessary results for their owners. This is usually due to slow loading web pages. A professional design team can help you improve on that by streamlining your web pages and their content. What happens when this is done, is that you get a website that looks professional but is easy for both your visitors and staff to use. When a business website is simple to use, it will be quicker and easier to convert the visitors into paying customers. This can also help to get more referral leads and appointments. When a business engages in a higher level of customer service, support and satisfaction, the design team can set up webpages to automatically help build the company’s potential customer database. This is an important marketing strategy called lead generation. Visitor interaction on the website gives you information you’ll need to do a follow up direct mail campaign, via email or snail mail, to help companies keep in touch with those visitors and hopefully their referrals.

Business Card Design

Even though a lot of business is done online, a business card is still an important part of any company’s marketing. It may be small, but it is by no means insignificant, because it allows you to make a more personal, “face-to-face” contact with a potential customer. The card is a tangible point of reference with someone who might be interested in your products. It should contain concise contact and product information so a client is able to keep it handy for quick and easy reference. So, the next step should be to come up with an informative and attention-grabbing business card design. A graphic designer can help a company incorporate its logo and contact information in an appealing format. Once the business card design is set, it can serve as an excellent example to use in setting up additional document formats like setting up an employee’s name card design.

Business card designs

Business Cards With Logo design

Letterhead typed

Letterheads For 'Unique Businesses'

letterhead Design

Letterhead design is yet another way to “brand” your company. If possible, always include at least your logo as part of the business headers on any official company documentation. Another way to highlight your brand is to use either all or part of the business card design as part of your official company letterheads. Continue this with any stationery design, label design, monthly magazine and newsletter design, calendar design, catalogue design, envelope design, wedding and special event invitation design, company holiday greeting card design, even with specific designs for stickers, restaurant menu and table tent designs, CD and book layout and cover design.

print Design and Packaging design

You don’t always need to completely cover your products with your logo. You should, however, stick with whatever colors and print design that were incorporated into your logo design. From time to time, you could change a background color in the business product packaging design, but it’s usually best to stick with what is part of your company logo. Doing so helps to reinforce branding your business.

Print and packaging designed book

print And Packaging Design Services

Multi-Touch Marketing

Interact With Your Customers Wherever They Hangout

Multi-Touch Marketing

No matter which media you use to help generate sales for your business, after you set your logo up, you need to have another way to appeal and sell to as broad a range of customers as possible using a multi-touch marketing approach. A strong print design along with a great advertisement design can also help you promote general or specific ad campaigns, i.e. holiday sales, weekly sales, year-round sales. This same ad design, in turn, can be used in conjunction with any signage design, newspaper design, and especially poster design. This is a great way to not just promote your logo. You can use it to help show people exactly what products or services a company has for them. It can help share that company’s allover “mission statement” or it can help promote an ad campaign for a specific product or service. You can design them as a simple storefront or bus stop display, even as a billboard ad. Other media to consider are door hanger design, brochure design, flyers design, leaflet design is another way to accommodate the business’s customers. People often ask for more “hands-on” literature, so make sure to include brochures, leaflets and flyers as part of your company’s promotional repertoire.

Grow Your Business Through Design

Now that you can see for yourself the importance of using the right designs and copy for your business, you understand how critical it is to get it right the first time. If you can do graphic design yourself, great , but you can save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation by finding and hiring someone else to provide these services.
A solid brand building process can transform your small, local business into a successful competitor, with the possibility of international expansion. By consistently doing this, your customers will develop a deeper level of trust and support for your brand, and they’re more likely to come back and purchase whatever you may sell. Develop and reinforce a cohesive message and maintain a positive visual identity for your company by integrating your brand into every aspect of your customer’s experience.
All of this should show you why it’s so important to hire a professional design team to help with the myriad of things your company will need to grow, online and off! 

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