TWApp: Facebook Ad Campaign Setup & Management Package

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Full facebook ad campaign setup on the TWApp platform which includes:

  • Facebook creative setup: Ad image/ basic video/carousel of existing products/carousel ad
  • Ad copy: Offer creation(offer variations)
  • Audience targeting and ad schedule setup
  • Facebook pixel setup to track who is interacting with your ads
  • Facebook ad optimisation through monitoring the ads and determining which ads are performing well and removing under performing ads which includes weekly(15min) call.

The other payment is the daily facebook ad budget, this can be set as low as €5 per day.

This daily ad budget is used to pay facebook when someone clicks on one of our ads i.e. the cost per click(CPC), when your daily budget runs out your ads stop showing on the facebook feed. We can adjust it if we need to later. So to show your ads on facebook you need to have a daily budget ie. pay to show your ads in the feed when local people and existing customers are on facebook. You can stop paying this by pausing the campaign and stop showing your ads anytime. We can simply pause the campaign and restart it when you want.

One of the biggest mistakes made when launching a facebook ads campaign is not giving it enough time to work for you.


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