WordPress Maintenance Plans And Rates

We have SLAs in place for all of the sites that we design which are necessary for the sites to continue functioning at their optimum performance and generally take care of the following for you:

Ongoing website maintenance is necessary to keep it running smoothly, better performance, higher search ranking and an overall safer WordPress site

Prevent/Fix hacking attacks and Virus Removal — In the event that your website does get hacked (even with all the security measures in place, this is never an impossibility), we take time to remove the virus, clean up the website and restore the data. This also includes contacting search engines and browsers that have blacklisted your website because of the virus. You can’t be 100% protected against viruses, but we make it quite difficult to hack your website and speedily clean it up if it is hacked.

Backups — If your website gets hacked and wiped entirely, you may need to start from scratch. To remedy this, we keep daily backups of your website, so if disaster strikes, you can be back up and running in minutes, not months. Your data is safe!

Security Updates — WordPress websites (core, theme and plugins) often update for security purposes. We safely apply these patches and keep a backup in case things go wrong. We actively monitor your website for new major and minor updates and apply them in the background. Your website stays live in the process.
We connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools and monitor it for SEO improvements and issues. This is a tool provided by Google itself for webmasters. It provides insights on the pages they’ve crawled on your website and tips on improving your ranking.

SSL — All websites must be secured by an SSL certificate. Otherwise, sensitive credit card information can be easily stolen. SSL certificates also provide a small SEO boost since the tech world advocates security. We make sure SSL certificates are properly installed and renewed.

Site Updates — When your contact information changes, you have a new service, want to update prices, got a new testimonial, have new pictures, or anything else to add, remove or update on the website, a website maintenance service lets you make any changes you’d like. With our Website Maintenance Service, we’re available via email, phone, or text message to fulfill your update requests.

Support — Clients often have questions or concerns about their website. Don’t let your website be a mystery— ask away! We’re here to help and are available by text, email, or phone.

Blog — If you have a Blog, What’s New or News section on your site, we give you a special login to update it yourself. Alternatively, we can always do this for you. Just email your new post, and we’ll make sure it goes onto the site.

Analytics — What good is a website if you can’t track its performance? We install and monitor Google Analytics to give you real data on your website’s visitors. This includes how many people visited your website, if they returned, whether they’re on mobile devices or desktops, where in the world they are, and much more.

Uptime Monitoring — Guaranteed 99.99% uptime on our servers. This means your website will always be live and ready for your customers. Our Website Maintenance Service is monitoring your website for downtime. If the site is down for more than a couple minutes, we investigate and fix the problem.

Domain — management/renewals

Hosting — Domain names needs hosting to make your website live on the Internet. We have high-end servers that are both fast and secure. Our servers are responsive and hardened against hackers.

Email Hosting — a professional email address that includes your website’s domain name. A typical business email address format is contact @ YourBusiness.com. We provide hosting for this new email address and support when you have issues. We also help set it up on all your devices.


Reliability. If something goes wrong, it might be days or even weeks before you notice, let alone find and hire a developer to fix it. If I'm handling the maintenance, I'll usually find and fix errors before you notice, but if not, I'll be readily available.

Experience. I handle maintenance for a lot of sites. When I come across a bad plugin upgrade on another site first, I'll know to wait on it on your site, or I'll have the fix already. 

Speed. I can fix things or restore a backup very quickly, often before anyone notices something is wrong. You and your visitors will have minimal disruption.


If you're not already a client or have one of our maintenance packages, I'll need an initial deposit of €325 (equivalent to 5 hours at the standard rate €65 per hour). Then I'll begin regular maintenance on your site. Once the initial deposit is used up, you'll be billed at the start of each month for work done in the previous month.

I'll handle the maintenance during off hours (to minimize risk), spot check key pages on your site before and after the upgrades, and fix anything that goes wrong right away.

You'll be billed at my standard rate when I do the regular maintenance work. If you have an urgent request, it will be billed at the urgent rate(€85 per hour).

The billable time will vary based on factors such as the experience of the designer who built your site, the quality of the themes and plugins used, the quality of your hosting provider, how long it's been since it's last been fully upgraded, and the number of plugins installed. Small and simple sites often just take 30 minutes on most months. Larger or more complex sites often have issues that take longer to fix.

If the billable time looks like it will be more than an hour in a given month, I'll check with you before proceeding (or you can pre-authorize a higher threshold).

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