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What is The Cost Of Painting A House In Ireland?

In many cases, the cost of painting a house exterior in Ireland is less than the cost of painting the interior of house in Ireland.

The size of your of your house is more than likely the aspect which has the greatest impact on the cost to paint the inside or the outside of your house.

As a general guide one litre of Dulux Wall, Dulux Trim or Dulux Ceiling paint covers approximately 16m2, while one litre of Dulux Primer will cover approximately 14m2.

When it comes to work costs, painters bill more for a two-storey home compared to a cottage/bungalow. Painters tend to charge more for older homes which aren't well-kept. This is because  they often need more time for prep work.

Quotes tend to be higher if the painter needs to do extra prepping in addition to the conventional painting prep work . For example, the painting contractor may need to patch holes, replace or repair drywall or treat mould on the walls.

Jobs which entail a short turn-around time would set you back a bit more as the contractor would need to work overtime to meet the deadline. Alternatively, the painting firm may add extra employees just to fulfill the tight due date.

In Ireland, spring is the busy season for most painting businesses. To get the job done around this time you should contact a painter as early as February.

Note the type as well as brand of paint used will also have an effect on the painting quote.

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How to Calculate Amount Of Paint For Exterior Of A House?

To Calculate The Surface Area Of The Exterior Of Your House For Painting you can use the calculator below.

Estimate the exterior wall surface area: measure the entire perimeter of the home
Then measure the height from the ground to the roof line(Standard Ceiling height in Ireland is 2.6 Metres so roughly 2 times that(height 5.2 Metres) for average house height to gable-end
If you have a gable do not calculate for the gable when measuring the perimeter
Calculate the surface area of the gable end in square metres separately by measuring the width of the gable then the height multiplied these two figures together and divide by 2
Add the square metres together to get the total exterior surface area of your house.
Subtract the surface area of the garage door unless it's to be painted the same as the exterior colour
Subtract 2 square Metres for each single door
Subtract 4.2 square Metres for each double door including glass sliding doors
Subtract 4 square Metres for each large window, subtract 2 square Metres for each medium window and subtract 0.6 square Metres for each small window
This will give you a pretty good estimate of the total surface area of the exterior of your house for painting.

Calculate The Amount Of Paint Required To Paint The Exterior Of A Home

Calculate total surface area of the exterior of your house for painting(see above).
Divide the total surface area for exterior house painting by the amount of coverage per litre for the paint you are buying/using(this should be on the tin or available online). This will give you the amount of litres required to paint the exterior wall surface.

We recommend that you use the highest square Meterage recommended by the paint manufacturer to when calculating the amount of litres required to paint the exterior of the house, this will eliminate over purchasing. The exterior paint manufacturer's primary purpose is to sell you as much paint as possible.

How Many Coats Of Paint To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

To determine the number of coats your project requires:
Examine the surface area, pores, rough, textured and previously unpainted surface areas will require more paint, the same is true when there is a huge difference in colour.

How Much Exterior Trim Paint Do I Need To Paint Exterior Of A House?

As a general rule of thumb it will take one litre of exterior trim paint for every eight litres of exterior house paint(body paint), this could vary depending upon the surface area and the type of paint that's used. You will first need to calculate the amount of paint to paint the outside of the house. 

Calculate Surface Area: Exterior Of House For Painting


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Enjoy these helpful tips and share them with your friends! 🙂

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